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calf trough

Advantages of Poly Livestock Troughs

Why plastic troughs can be a better choice If you keep your livestock in an open, fenced area, finding ways to have accessible feed and water is a top priority. Feed needs to be kept dry and clean to multiple animals at the same time. Not having access to clean, cool water can negatively impact […]

Small-Ring Hay Feeder and Cover for Horses

Save Hay and Keep Your Horses Healthy Horse owners are challenged with at least two things when feeding the horses in the paddock: Wasted hay and horses eating too fast. The Small-Ring Hay Feeder and Cover for Horses solves these problems. The Small-Ring Hay Feeder keeps hay confined. Feed is kept clean in the ring […]

Introducing Agri-Farm Products

A New Agri-Plastics Division! Feb. 25, 2021 – Agri-Plastics, Group of Companies is proud to announce their newest division, Agri-Farm Products. This new division will carry a large variety of daily management livestock products. Hanging feeders, troughs, watering equipment, feed and bedding carts, and hay feeders will be available for the cattle, horse, swine, goat, […]

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