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Advantages of Poly Livestock Troughs

Why plastic troughs can be a better choice

If you keep your livestock in an open, fenced area, finding ways to have accessible feed and water is a top priority. Feed needs to be kept dry and clean to multiple animals at the same time. Not having access to clean, cool water can negatively impact performance and health. Studies have shown that livestock do better with cooler water, which helps increase weight gain.

Troughs can be made from concrete, metal, fiberglass, or plastic. While concrete and metal are durable, they are also expensive, heavy, hard to move and clean.  Metal containers are also heat-conductive and prone to rust. Fiberglass is light and easy to install but is prone to crack from any abuse by livestock or handlers. This material also requires a special coating to be considered food grade to ensure the safety of your cattle.  

Poly troughs, like the 800 Agri-Farm Products Trough, don’t have these issues. Plastic water troughs are versatile and flexible and less likely to dent or crack like other materials. Polyethylene is a sturdy yet flexible material, making them resilient and more than capable of adapting to different circumstances and weather conditions.

This convenient product is lightweight and easy to clean, relocate or incorporate with tactical rotational grazing. Two elongated hooks on the back allow it to hang over a fence rail. No hardware is needed for installation as the trough simply rests on the fence rails. The longer hooks support more pressure and weight. Hanging troughs keep food off the ground and contained. This means less waste and feed stays clean and dry.

These troughs are smooth, non-porous, have no sharp corners to trap feed, and are easy to clean. Made with thick, food-grade polyethylene, this 800 Trough has UV protection to ensure longevity and durability. It is produced from raw materials and additives approved for food contact.

This smaller-sized trough has a 34 qt / 32 L capacity. It holds a decent amount of food or water so you don’t have to come back to refill it. With a trough length of 31.5″, it’s more compact allowing it to fit in smaller spaces. These troughs work well for all livestock including calves/cattle, horses, goat, and sheep.

Agri-Farm Products also carries many other size hook over troughs in various widths, depths and lengths giving the producer greater flexibility to feed or water livestock. There are also options for wall mounted troughs which work well for livestock in a barn.

So if you are looking for affordable, portable, and lasting troughs, consider the Hook-Over Troughs from Agri-Farm Products. These troughs are available for purchase online at

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