7. 4 Qt. Trough, AFP-109

$14.86 excludes taxes

The Agri-Farm Products Trough is the premium, durable feeding solution you have been searching for.


The Agri-Farm Products 109 Trough is the premium, durable trough you’ve been searching for. The 109 Trough is a smaller feeder with a curved bottom and lower front edge to enable easy access. The 8.7″ / 22.1 cm deep trough provides just enough space for feed or water. The rounded edges makes it easier to clean and safer for your livestock. This smaller-sized trough holds 7.4 qt / 7 L and is ideal for cattle, calves, goat, sheep and horses. The 109 Trough offers a practical solution to ensure easy access to feed and water to your livestock.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 10.4 × 8.7 in