74 gal J Bunk for Cattle, AFP-1300

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Agri-Farm Products J Bunk for Cattle.

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Agri-Farm Products J Bunk for Cattle. (Shown with no. 1320 Edge For Feed-Wall). This durable plastic 1300 J Bunk makes sure feed is kept within reach of cows 24/7. Each section holds 74 gal / 280L. The J Bunk is both hygienic and easy to clean, and the design supports the cows in keeping the feeder free of leftovers. The J Bunk features a high front edge, which prevents the cows from pushing feed out of reach. The result is that all cows have access to feed irrespective of their ranking in the herd. By having a J Bunk in your barn, your feed won’t get soiled from contaminated tires. It also saves labor cost as feed push-ups no longer have to be performed. In addition, there won’t be corrosion as our plastic withstands the acid in the silage. They are produced from raw material and additives that are approved for food contact. Our J Bunk is made with UV protection to ensure a long life and durability.

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Weight 27.8 lbs
Dimensions 38.2 × 30.7 × 26 in