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About Us

Agri-Farm Products are uniquely manufactured to withstand punishing weather extremes as well as everyday wear and tear, year after year. They are designed for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

Easy to Install

Agri-Farm Products creates equipment that’s easy to install and handle. Use our hanging systems or carry them with their handles, these innovative products have been tested to ensure on-the-job functionality.

Made to Last

All of our plastic products are produced from raw materials and additives that are approved for food contact. This nonporous, UV-stabilized plastic is safe for feeding products and withstand punishing treatment.


Agri-Farm Products is continually developing product solutions that meet the needs of the modern stable. Plus, we use an advanced plastic blend, one that ensures our products have a high and uniform quality.

Daily Management Livestock Products

Agri-Farm Products carries a large variety of feeding, watering and management accessories for cattle, horse, sheep, goat and swine. All of our products have been extensively tested to ensure they are highly durable and extremely functional. Rest assured, every piece of gear is built to exceed your highest expectations.

These farm products are reliable, functional and equipped with a scratch-resistant finish. Not only that, their curved corners ensure easy access and quick cleanability.

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